The engagement with artworks of the past and craft traditions, such as tempera painting and glazing techniques in the Renaissance, is for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration to advance innovative image processes. The goal of my work is to trigger thought processes in the viewer that not only question visual habits but also bring back into consciousness the original contemplative perception of reality in our fast-paced times.

In order to trace and artistically visualize the emotional and political upheavals that keep a world in transition in suspense, I consider it essential that the art of the 21st century takes a political stance beyond its purely aesthetic quality. While a global alliance of dehumanizing totalitarian regimes challenges democracies and at the same time human-induced climate change advances, art must not stop at formal, coloristic, and haptic questions, but must have an impact on society. Art history is always the starting point for me to learn from the past and draw conclusions for the present. Therefore, my paintings are also metaphors for the fragile social balance of democracy in the tension between freedom of the press, manipulation of opinion, and political repression.